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About Livelifefarmfresh - magnolia - 10-14-2020 is an initiative of Prayana Farms. This is a community page and we would like to call our community the L2F2 community. We are group of people who are keen to make the world a better place by encouraging farm fresh way of life.

Our aim is to work on identifying, respecting, and recognizing the farming community by building a generation of urban farmers and evangelizing a farm fresh life.

As this community grows, we want this to be the most comprehensive information sharing portal for encouraging home farming techniques, your recipes, your natural beauty routine tips & DIYs, etc. and slowly but surely bridge the gap between the rural farmer and the urban farmer. Let there be more interactions between the farmers and the consumers, let there be a farmer in every home just like the olden times. Let there be a generation who will live life farm fresh.