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Little Farmer Competition - magnolia - 12-02-2020

Do you have a little farmer at home, a child or a teenager who likes to garden, or likes to get their hands dirty?

Then, Live Life Farm Fresh would like to invite you to have your little ones take part in our “Little Farmer” competition to nurture and encourage their love for nature and eating toxin-free food.

Age group: upto 17years
Prize: rs.2000 gift voucher
Competition closes: 19th December

Competition guidelines

What to grow: any type of microgreen

How to take part:

  1. Follow our fb or Instagram page 
  2. upload the image of your child with their microgreen  tag @livelifefarmfresm and hashtag #littlefarmercompetition. 

RE: Little Farmer Competition - thegreensoul - 12-09-2020

i'd like to take part.

RE: Little Farmer Competition - Naveen Capitaire - 12-16-2020

We are taking part and looking forward to it.