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Homemade makeup remover - magnolia - 12-29-2020

These days most makeup products are waterproof, so removing them would require the use of specific makeup remover the use of other products after that. Purchasing these products may not always be a wallet-friendly buy. These homemade makeup removers are easy to make with ingredients that are inexpensive.

Oil-based makeup remover

My go-to makeup remover is always coconut oil. This is all you need to do, squeeze a few drops into your palm and massage the oil onto your face for about a minute or two. Then take a hot towel and wipe the makeup and excess oil off your face. Then place the hot towel for two minutes on your face to allow your pores to breath and follow up with rosewater.

Baby shampoo makeup remover

For this remover, you will need any mild baby shampoo (ensure that you are using baby shampoo only, as adult shampoo may be too harsh for the skin), coconut or olive oil, water and a spray bottle.

Combine all the ingredients together and store in a cold place.