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Methods of organic farming - magnolia - 12-31-2020

Organic farming is done to ensure the release of nutrients into crops for increased sustainable production. It is aimed at producing crops of high nutritional value. There are several ways in which organic farming is practised:

1. Crop Diversity: Organic farming follows the practice of Polyculture in which a variety of crops can be cultivated simultaneously as opposed to the ancient practice of monoculture in which only a single type of crop was cultivated in a particular location.

2. Soil Management: The soil loses its nutrients and its consistency is depleted after the production of crops. Organic farming uses natural ways to improve soil health. It makes use of bacteria found in animal waste, which help make the soil nutrients more productive.

3. Weed Management: Weeds are the unwanted plant that grows in agricultural fields. Organic agriculture pushes for decreasing the weed rather than removing it completely.

4. Controlling other organisms: An agricultural farm contains both useful and harmful organisms that affect the field. In order to protect the soil and crops, the growth of these organisms needs to be controlled. This can be achieved with the use of herbicides and pesticides that contain fewer chemicals or are natural.