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Wax coating on fruits and vegetables.
Most of the fruits and vegetables have natural wax coating to prevent loss of moisture and to retain their freshness.But this natural wax is easily washed off while washing off the dirt during the handling process.
This natural wax is not harmful for us .The concern raises when the fruits and vegetables are coated with artificial harmful wax and chemicals to increase their shelf life. These types of fruits and vegetables are definitely not good for our health .

SO here are few things to keep in mind when you are buying fruits and vegetables. 

Try to buy fruits and vegetables from local vendors of direct from the farmers as the harvest is fresh and doesn't need to be kept for long before being sold.So chances are likely to be very less that such harvest would be coated with artificial wax.

Secondly try to buy the dull looking fruits and vegetables instead of highly shiny fruits and vegetables. 

Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly in warm water as the wax would melt away easily if any.You can also add  vinegar to the water to wash  off the wax 

If you are unsure about the wax coating its advisable to peel the fruits if possible but keeping in mind do not peel a thick layer as it would lead to loss of the minerals and vitamins which are found underneath the skin of most fruits and vegetables. 
Can you also use baking sode to wash away any wax and chemical residue ?

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