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Organic farming benefits wildlife
Unlike conventional farming methods, organic farming depends on a diverse ecosystem of insect and natural predators to thrive. Chemical use on farms can rapidly send populations of wildlife into decline, having an adverse effect on the food chain which supports wildlife. Farming organically helps in setting up biodiverse farms rich in natural predators of crop pests. These creatures act as a natural control on pests harmful to crop production. 

The abundance of insects on organic farms, brings a variety of bird life. Birds are a good measure of the health of the ecosystem as they are often higher up on the food chain. 

It’s not just the winged wildlife which healthy farms support, amphibians, mammals and reptiles seek refuge in rich farmland habitat. Amphibians on farmland show that water courses are in top condition and are not being affected by chemical runoff from fields. The variety of wildlife that you find on an organic farm indicated the health of the ecosystem. 

Healthy environments are key for the future of sustainable food production and choosing organic produce supports farmers helping to protect our wildlife.

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