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Why your new year’s resolution should include organic living
Organic produce have fewer pesticide residues than conventionally grown produce and with the pandemic and all the other health hurdles we have had to face in the year 2020, organic food seems like the most obvious and smartest lifestyle change this coming new year.

But regardless of whether or not you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, beginning this new year with organic foods that are grown without fertilizers, pesticides and other synthetic additives is a wise choice and there is no better time than now to make the switch. Furthermore, several studies have shown that organic food has a higher nutritional value than its counterparts laden with pesticides, and it is also environmentally friendly.

The organic process helps to sustain soil with crop variation, resulting in a higher quality of the soil that is better for the environment. This makes it possible for more nutrients to penetrate the produce and to reduce any effects of preservatives. As organic food processing prevents the use of all synthetic chemicals, the chance of underground pollution of water is also less, thus making it less hazardous to the environment.

Additionally, it's a better tasting experience. You can be assured that in a given product, every bite contains all the flavors you want, whether it be fruits, vegetables or meat, organic products taste much better than chemically-laden products.

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